About Me

Location: Top of the World — Whistler, BC // August 2019

Let's keep this simple.

On a personal level, I identify with the high-performance lifestyle meaning I exercise daily, practice stoicism, and challenge myself to grow in ways that are often uncomfortable. As often as I can, I chase adrenaline and adventure through snowboarding, mountain biking, sailing, kiteboarding, and travel. This means I'm usually found near the ocean or in the mountains.

Outside of this, I've devoted my career to helping build the future. Loving every minute I spent organizing TEDx events and Startup Weekends, I've set out on a lifelong mission to promote definite optimism through media, events, and immersive experiences. I'm currently doing this through the Build The Future podcast and the organization of a New World's Fair.

If you're building the future (or want to help), I'd love to hear from you.