About Me

Location: Top of the World — Whistler, BC // August 2019

Hey again, I'm Cameron Wiese (pronounced we-see).

My life, like yours, is way more complicated than what can be summed up on a single page. So, instead of attempting to communicate everything, let me give you a glimpse into some key moments. Hopefully something here will act as a starting point for something else — maybe coffee, consulting, project collabs, or just jamming over a shared interest.

At a high level: I exercise daily, eat mostly meat & never peanuts, train BJJ, do IF, listen to Soundcloud mixtapes, consult, write, read, and push myself to grow. As often as I can, I chase adrenaline and adventure through snowboarding, mountain biking, sailing, kiteboarding, and travel.

While I grew up all over the country, I'd say I'm a local in a little town north of Seattle called Bellingham.

As a kid, I frequently got into trouble and obsessed over startups, computers, and space exploration. When I was 14, I sent myself to Riverside Military Academy to avoid getting arrested for credit card fraud. When I didn't get into Stanford, I settled for a school in central California. While there, I ran events, started (and shutdown) a company, switched majors twice, and didn't care about grades — play your own game.

Before I graduated, I hustled to land a job at Superhuman. For three months, I commuted between San Francisco and San Luis Obispo twice a week while renting my university operated apartment on Airbnb. Oops. I left Superhuman at the end of 2018, took a solo trip to hike the Haiku Stairs, and then started working on a startup with a friend. Due to someone else's negligence (seriously), I had to file bankruptcy, stop working with my friend, and move back home to Seattle.

After this wild collision of events, I committed to getting my life back in order. This has led to doing some growth consulting, writing, and investing in myself.

I’m now traveling around the world volunteering at events, planning a conference series, and supporting early stage founders with growth projects.

If you want to collaborate on a project or have a unique shared experience, I'd love to hear from you.