About Me

Location: Top of the World — Whistler, BC // August 2019

Hey again, I'm Cameron Wiese (pronounced we-see).

My life, like yours, is way more complicated than what can be summed up on a single page. So, instead of attempting to communicate everything, let me give you a glimpse into some key moments. Hopefully something here will act as a starting point for something else — maybe coffee, consulting, project collabs, or just jamming over a shared interest.

At a high level: I exercise daily, eat mostly meat & never peanuts, train BJJ, do IF, listen to Soundcloud mixtapes, consult, write, read, and push myself to grow. As often as I can, I chase adrenaline and adventure through snowboarding, mountain biking, sailing, kiteboarding, and travel.

While I grew up all over the country (Seattle, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Danville, Atlanta), I'd say I'm a local in a little town north of Seattle called Bellingham and that I call the San Juan Islands home.

As a kid, I frequently got into trouble and obsessed over startups, computers, and space exploration. When I was 14, I sent myself to Riverside Military Academy to avoid getting arrested for credit card fraud. When I didn't get into Stanford, I settled for a school in central California. While there, I ran events, started (and shutdown) a company, switched majors twice, and didn't care about grades — play your own game.

Before I graduated, I hustled to land a job at Superhuman. For three months, I commuted between San Francisco and San Luis Obispo twice a week while renting my university operated apartment on Airbnb. Oops. I left Superhuman at the end of 2018, took a solo trip to hike the Haiku Stairs, and then started working on a startup with a friend. Due to someone else's negligence (seriously), I had to file bankruptcy, stop working with my friend, and move back home to Seattle.

After this wild collision of events, I committed to getting my life back in order. This has led to doing some growth consulting, writing, and investing in myself while I plan my next move (see now).

If you're interested in working on a side project (big or small) or want to go have a unique shared experience, I'd love to hear from you.