Inputs, Outputs

✉️A weekly newsletter (On hiatus as of 2020)

You are a product of all of the things you consume— from food and substances to content and conversations. I believe that the best way to live a good life is to intentionally curate these inputs by choosing to only consume quality content and eliminate the junk — news, politics, carbs, and people who make excuses.

My weekly newsletter, Inputs, Outputs is an implementation of this belief. Every week, I put together a collection of interesting books, articles, or podcasts that I’ve found helpful in shaping my view of the world. Most of my findings are related to startups, productivity, and self improvement, but can extend out into other areas of interest including my own writings.

On occasion, I'll engage everyone to provide feedback on a question or push you to accomplish a challenge — my starting point for building community. 

This is still an experiment and I'll be iterating as I go.

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