ūüďćNew¬†York¬†City // last¬†updated: august¬†2019

I'm currently wrapping up some on-site client work out in NYC. When I finish, I'll be heading back to the Pacific Northwest.

Areas of Focus:
  • Sharpening my growth, writing, and programming skills.
  • Hosting Second Degree Dinners & gatherings in New York.
  • Working on my extended writing projects (including my newsletter).
Other Updates:

This quarter I had planned to experiment with dating out in NYC. However, after spending way too much time on dating apps, I realized that it's something that requires a lot more time than I'm willing to give it. Since I'm also not planning on staying out in New York for much longer and I'm not looking for something casual, I can't justify the time.

Things I'm geeking out over:
  • The Work Gym and Ultraworking Cycles. Investing in this has allowed me to increase my productivity and get much better at scoping the tasks I have at hand. Join me for a session!
  • Illenium's Ascend Album
  • Second Degree Dinners
  • The Good Kind Cafe in the LES